No justice, no peace! Support for the civil protests and the return of the rule of law in the Republic of Macedonia!

PP LOGO FBDear fellow citizens,

Twenty-five years ago, we jointly declared the Republic of Macedonia an independent and sovereign state with a democratic system of government and a Constitution according to which all are equal before the law. We stepped on the path of independence desiring our place under the sun to be a country where each of us would speak their mother tongue, develop their own culture and exercise their religion, where each of us would create and compete on one’s own behalf and on the behalf of others.

Regretfully, that path to independence has turned into transition, and that transition has turned into a competition in who will be stronger, more heavy-handed and more brutal. Violence has become the norm. And we have come to witness reforms being imposed without expert or public support, laws being adopted at midnight, MPs being literally kicked out of Parliament, journalists being imprisoned, media outlets spreading false news and hatred; we have come to witness forced participation in rallies and protests, voters being brought in to vote on our behalf, committees deciding not on the grounds of law, but on the grounds of their personal desires; ministers legalizing grease payments, judges imposing detention only on some, while not on others, trade unions keeping workers away from protests, depositors being defrauded of their savings, shareholders without shares; no grease money, no business; no party membership, no job; massive economic migration; the same façade for the entire city; parks felled before dawn; a flourish of monuments, but no sewage; doctors serving quotas rather than the Hippocratic oath, teachers under external examinations and internal blackmail; citizens being wiretapped, people paying for central heating without using it, citizens paying a mandatory Broadcasting Tax, but being fed party propaganda; mandatory quotas for penalizing civil servants; artists and experts being categorized as public service providers; university professors working for tenure points and impact factors, students occupying universities, high school students in tents rather than in class; mountains of laws, yet no justice.

Dear fellow citizens, there can be no peace without justice. For no one. Justice is blindfolded not that she might not see what happens around her, but that she might not see who stands on trial before her. It’s time the law applied equally to all. It’s time for justice. It’s time we stopped fooling ourselves that violence will not come to us and it’s time we stood up to it. It’s time we realized that when despotism and the principle that might is right are legalized, civil protest is the only possible form of self-defense.

The Professors’ Plenum demands that all who enforce, justify and pardon despotism be held accountable!

The Professors’ Plenum demands the rule of law and unselective justice!

The Professors’ Plenum demands that freedom of speech, unhindered and critical thinking be respected!

The Professors’ Plenum demands conditions for the free expression of the citizens’ will!

The Professors’ Plenum calls upon all political players in the country to take the necessary steps to put an end to this lawlessness and to create conditions for the survival of the Republic of Macedonia as an independent, sovereign, democratic, civilized and prosperous country for all its citizens.

The Professors’ Plenum calls upon the international community, as party to and guarantor of the political agreement, to make known its stance on these developments without resorting to diplomatic language, and to firmly support justice, for THERE SHALL BE NO PEACE WITHOUT JUSTICE!


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